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Jan 11, 2013

CLIP Reveiw: The Mitten

Author & Illustrator:  Jan Brett
(A Ukrainian Folktale)
Anyone who has ever played in the snow knows how easy it is to lose a mitten. But what happens to Nicki's lost mitten will have you laughing with delight. 

A tired mole burrows inside to get cozy and warm.  It isn't long before a snowshoe rabbit comes hopping along, and yes, he decides to wiggle in.  Things get quite prickly when a large hedgehog shuffles by and wants to get out of the cold, wet weather. WELL, you can easily see where the story is headed... The pages are intricately illustrated along the edges also, which give the reader a hint as to what might be happening next. 

How Nicki's problem is solved is one that is sure to "tickle" you, just as it tickled someone else! Oh my! Will Nicki's mittens ever look the same again?! 

Mary Byrne Kline


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