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Jan 16, 2012

Create a Block Print Winter Scene

Use dark construction paper and white tempura paint to create winter scenes like those in Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin  

SOC:  Visual Comm
Replicating the art of illustrator Mary Azarian   [1999 winner of the Caldecott Medal]
See Friday's Fireflies post - CLIP Review of Snowflake Bentley.

Materials needed:   
   foam piece or balsa wood
   white tempura paint 

   dark construction paper
   paint brush (or shallow dish for paint)
   a tool to etch your picture into the foam
       (I used the tip of this paint brush)

Have your child sketch a simple scene on to a piece of artist foam.  [I went to Michael's and got a small piece of florist foam.] Press lines into foam with a pencil or other tool such as a thick plastic knitting needle, a chopstick or a tip of a paint brush handle.    

Optional - Glue a cork or empty spool on the back side of the foam so that you can hold the foam piece while dipping it into a shallow bowl of white tempura paint.

Paint white paint onto the block and press the block onto a piece of dark construction paper.   Make adjustment as needed so that the outlines show up well and the paint is even. My florist foam wasn't perfectly flat so I had to rub the paper onto the foam block to get a final picture.   Looking at the picture above of the etched foam and the finished picture, I think a simple picture works best.  So we tried again....and are happier with our snowman.   Bottom line  - experiment and have fun!   

I love creating opportunities for children to explore the visual arts. Even if they never perfect the craft, they will have a deeper appreciation for those who do...the real artists. After your child creates their block print, have them again look at the illustrations by Mary Azarian.  Discuss the process and appreciate together the effort and talent of this artist/illustrator.

Display!   We will talk more about this later, but when communicating there must be a sender and a receiver.   At SOC [School of Communications] we are developing opportunities to not only "send/create" but to "receive" the message. Soon we will talk about creating a Family Louvre, kicking it up     a notch from the traditional refrigerator door art display.

We would really enjoy seeing your children's block prints.  Send them to our email address. for a chance to be chosen to receive your own copy of Snowflake Bentley.  

Crystal Snowflakes!
It's a holiday and the kids are home from school...  Why not make
Borax crystal snowflakes with your child?  Check out this YouTube video...

Snowflake Photography
Thanks to Vanessa Silly Eagle Books for the info on the snowflake photography of Ken Libbrecht.   Check out his books!   Also, check out the Silly Eagle Blog if you haven't done so already.



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