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Jan 20, 2012

CLIP Review: Stranger in the Woods

Author - Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick

"For those who protect wild places and to the snowman that lives in every child's heart" is the dedication in this captivatingly beautiful book.  Whether or not you have lived in a snowy climate, your senses will be drawn to each incredibly photographed picture...the mother doe and her babies with the snowflakes dusting on their noses, the brilliant crimson cardinal sitting majestically in the snowy branches of a tree.  The woodland animals gather around 'the stranger' in their midst, drawn to its eyes and mouth of nuts and carrot nose.  The children stay quiet and hidden behind trees and watch as the creatures are fed by their snowman.  

A delightful recipe for a snowman (beginning with the ingredient for 1 generous helping of wet packing snow), is given at the end of this book.

A companion book, First Snow in the Woods, is also available.

YouTube Video - About the author/photographers of Stranger in the Woods.



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