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Jun 8, 2012

CLIP Review: Frank & Ernest Play Ball

Author/Illustrator:  Alexandra Day
Grades 1-2

Animal pals Frank, a bear, and Ernest, an elephant, have taken over as managers of the Elmville Mudcats. Not only must Frank and Ernest sell tickets, run batting practice and announce the game, but they must learn the "lingo" of correct terms for their broadcast. When someone tells them that their team is "in the cellar" they quickly consult the Dictionary of Baseball to find out what it means. Hm-m-m, "last place." Then they're told that one of their players "could never hit anything but a can of corn because he insists on hitting with his foot in the bucket." Back to the dictionary they go. Goodness! Someone else has a "rubber arm", and "butterfingers". 

This game is far more complicated than Frank and Ernest had first thought! Can they help the Mudcats climb out of the cellar? This beautifully illustrated book will have you ready to head to the ballpark! Remember to get your seat near the "hot corner" and grab a bag of peanuts. And just in case you need the words to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", they are right in the front of the book.  I'm already singing!

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