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Jul 13, 2012

CLIP Review: America - A Patriotic Primer

Author:  Lynne Cheney
Illustrator:  Robin Preiss Glasser
Grades 1-3 (and their parents!)

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "Love your neighbor as yourself, and your country more than yourself."  Your children will be inspired by this book about America, as their knowledge of our country's past is expanded by a wealth of information, comprised alphabetically of principles on which America was founded. 

 One of my favorite pages is "Q". "Q is for America's Quest for the new, the far, and the very best."  The page has drawings and a highlight of the lives of Louis Armstrong, Emily Dickinson, Babe Ruth, Martha Graham, I.M. Pei, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Althea Gibson, and a quote concerning space exploration from John F. Kennedy.

In her introduction, Cheney states, "I wrote this book because I want my grandchildren to understand how blessed we are. I want them to know they are part of a nation whose citizens enjoy liberty and opportunity such as have never been known before."

This incredible book, whose illustrations have been described as having been drawn with childlike joy and exuberance, will be one you and your family will pore over, discuss, and cherish. Terms like equality and valor are explained and the proper folding of a flag is shown.  And if you still have trouble remembering where all 50 states are located, find the "U" for United States page and start enjoying the picture! You may even end up learning the capitals :)

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