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Jun 29, 2012

CLIP Review: Henry Aaron's Dream

Author and Illustrator: Matt Tavares
Grades 1-3

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" We often ask our children that and smile at their answers, encouraging them to follow their dreams. But Henry Aaron's dream wasn't met with much enthusiasm from his father. In fact, his father knew he shouldn't get his hopes up at all. That's because Henry's dream was to be a big-league baseball player. "Ain't no colored ballplayers," he told Henry. And just as sad, in the 1940's when Henry was growing up, it was even against the law for black kids and white kids to play baseball together.  But  determination and perseverance were deep down inside Henry.  As he followed the career of his hero, Jackie Robinson, he knew that his dream could also come true. 

This is a captivating biography of Henry Aaron's life - from the days as a kid he playing in "Colored Only" parks  through his time in the Negro Leagues to the day he was offered a contract with the Braves! Sometimes dreams do seem impossible and giving up would be much easier.  But I believe that God has placed determination and perseverance within each of us. Knowing that others have faced challenges and overcome injustice and difficulty may be just what your child needs to give them the encouragement to keep dreaming. Henry Aaron's dream came true - what do YOU want to be when you grow up? Keep dreaming!

Illustrations are done in watercolor, ink and pencil. Magnificently done! You'll feel a part of the ballpark, hear the cheering...
Illustrator's first sketch
The final illustration
CLICK HERE for a great overview of the making of Henry Aaron's Dream.

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