Fireflies: June Masterpiece: Wombat Up to Bat by Amber Miller         

Jun 18, 2012

June Masterpiece: Wombat Up to Bat by Amber Miller

Wombat Up to Bat
watercolor - by Amber Miller
Grade 10, Circle Christian School

Finding a masterpiece about baseball was not an easy task.  In fact, it was nearly impossible!

Lucky for you, I decided to critique one of my high school student's pieces instead because it was completed this spring semester and was totally appropriate for this month's topic:  baseball!  This sweet watercolor shows the spirit and love of baseball in a way that is engaging as well as entertaining!  Notice the balance in the piece.  With the bat partially in the air, it balances the big brown furry critter whose red hat and white ball draw our eyes to the right.  We find the cockeyed red hat as the focal point, whereupon our eyes move to the dark nose and then to the red stitching on the white ball, followed by the angle of the bat which draws our eye up to the left and back around again!  The green-blue ground is contrasted by the yellow-orange sky. 

Isn't he a cute little fellow?  Reminds me of the book review of "Batter Up Wombat!" we just reviewed!  Though our featured fine artist claims to never have read or heard of the book until she read the review, the name "wombat," must conjure up images of furry critters wielding bats for literary artists worldwide who may be enamored by the catchy name.

Our "master" artist, Miss Amber Miller, happens to be my lovely daughter.  She was in my high school art class this year, but I didn't choose this piece because she was my daughter, I actually chose it because it was the perfect piece to critique for this month's baseball-themed masterpiece! 

Miss Amber loves to make people smile and has a whimsical style to her artwork.  She loves baseball, rock climbing, dancing, balancing spoons on her nose, eating beef jerky, and loving Jesus! 

Written by Laura Bird Miller, artist & K-12 Art Instructor, Circle Christian School.  For more information CLICK HERE.

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