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Jun 15, 2012

CLIP Review: Batter Up Wombat!

Author:  Helen Lester
Illustrator:  Lynn Munsinger
Preschool - Grade 2

For anyone who has never understood the game of baseball, this book will make perfect sense.   Wombat, who has never played baseball, wanders onto the field and being mistaken for a "Wham Bat" is asked to join the Champs.  However, he has no idea why the players are talking so funny.  When they tell him he will need a bat, guess what "bat" he thinks of! He wonders why the catcher would wear a "mask". His team really becomes upset when he actually "steals" third base - and isn't quite sure where to hide it.  But when he is told to "Tag second!" and runs to the second baseman and says, "You're it",  the  disappointment of his teammates makes him feel as though a big cloud is gathering over his head...or is that really happening?! 

You'll love how Wombat saves the day as only Wombat could when a REALLY big cloud appears and threatens everyone.  Perhaps there's also a misunderstood "champ" in your house - this endearing book may help him/her realize there are different ways in which a person can fit in and make a difference.

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