Fireflies: CLIP Review: How to Train with a T. Rex and win 8 Gold Medals.         

Jul 28, 2012

CLIP Review: How to Train with a T. Rex and win 8 Gold Medals.

Age Range: 6 - 9
Here's another Olympic-themed written by Michael Phelps.  Read it with your child to illustrate the time and discipline it takes to win 8 gold medals.  Share How to Train... with your child, as together you watch Phelps compete in the 2012 Summer Games.

Booklist Review
Michael Phelps recaps the six-year regimen that put him in shape to win a record eight
gold medals at the last Summer Olympics.  he livens his recitation of laps and reps with comparisons - "I trained for six years!  That's a kindergartener's whole life!  The the same as 42 dog years!"  and after swimming 17 races in nine days to reach to reach the finals, won the 100-Meter Butterfly by 1/100th of a second - "about the length of a fingernail."  Digitally rendered artwork humorously depicts the action, making the book visually appealing.  The author states, "I got so strong from training that my legs could press 300 pounds 60 times in one workout.  That's 18,000 pounds total, or nine tons!  I could leg-press a Tyrannosaurus Rex and 10 velociraptors!"  Providing an overview of an Olympian's rigorous preparations, this picture book may be used to inspire children to do great things and closes with a view of the athlete lounging on a sofa, holding a bowl of broccoli and thinking up new goals. 

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