Fireflies: CLIP Review: Where are you going Manyoni?         

Aug 24, 2012

CLIP Review: Where are you going Manyoni?

Author & Illustrator:  Catherine Stock
Preschool - Second Grade

Just as the early morning rays of light appear, Manyoni dresses quickly and begins her journey to a place she loves to be. Her path takes her under massive baobob trees, past bushpigs and noisy baboons.  Manyoni continues on, crossing the fever tree plain where impala are feeding, and soon approaches the Tobwani Dam. There she sees a variety of thirsty animals, drinking from the cool water and resting under nearby acacia trees. 

                    Where are you going Manyoni?

Just as Manyoni nears her destination she meets a friend and together they begin to run - to their school yard. Primitive windowless brick buildings, wooden benches, tin roofs; but to the children gathered there it is a glorious place of learning. They clap their hands with joy.

All over Africa children like Manyoni walk miles to arrive at the nearest school.  The spectacular watercolor paintings of the wildlife in this book were painted when the author spent time in Zimbabwe.  Stock has written an interesting follow up note as well as supplied information on the unfamiliar words in the story to give further explanation.  Each one of her beautifully painted wildlife is again drawn in the back of the book with how it blends with its surroundings. Manyoni's wonderful morning walk will delight both in its meaning and its vivid watercolor beauty.