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Jan 18, 2013

CLIP Review: No Two Alike

Author - Keith Baker

How clearly I recall the elementary art project of folding a circular piece of paper in half, then thirds, then cutting small knicks and slices out of the edges and folds. Do you remember how exciting it was to unfold your paper and find that you had created a snowflake unlike any other in your class? My teacher would then hang them from the ceiling and we would gaze in wonder at how we all could have possibly come up with so many different patterns!

What a revelation it was to soon realize that each and every snowflake was truly unique, that in fact everything everywhere in nature was one of a kind. As hard as I tried to capture identical snowflakes, they either melted too quickly or I couldn't compare them because they were all smushed together.  

This is a simply, yet sweetly written book for children to understand how wonderful it is to be unique - to be themselves. How boring our world would be if everyone looked, acted, walked, talked the same way.  In our own way we are all special.  "No two friends, large or small, no two alike...among you all!"

Want to make your own snowflakes? CLICK HERE to learn how.
Mary Byrne Kline

Mary Byrne Kline

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