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Jan 30, 2012

PEN IN HAND: Create a Cinquain Poem

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Cinquain is a form of a short poem.  It has only five lines that closely link to each other.  Cinquain is initially originated by Adelaide Crapsy (1878-1914).  She constructed this kind of poem based on Haiku.  (Haiku is a form of Japanese verse and is made up of five, seven, and five words in unrhymed lines of three.)    

Have your child come up with the words to complete their own Cinquain poem.  If your child prints or you type the finished poem, be sure and highlight your child's first and last name in color, so the name stands out when you view the poem.

Line 1     Your (child's) first name

Line 2     Two words that describe you (your child)

Line 3     A three word phrase that describes something they like to do

Line 4     Four "feeling" words or adjectives

Line 5     Your (child's) last name

My grandson, Davis' first 3D experience

brother - grandson
loves to ask questions
smart - tender - silly - loved
Remember that the presentation and the display is extremely important.   Consider creating a mat for your child's poem.  Perhaps you could add an image of your child to your poem and frame the completed project.    

Please send us a .jpg of your child holding their print comm creation.   Email 

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