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Feb 10, 2012

CLIP Review: Love Your Neighbor

by Arthur Dobrin

I believe that Jesus spoke in parables because He knew that adults as well as children loved stories. In just a verse He could have said, "Be kind to strangers," but aren't you glad we were told the incredible value-laden story of The Good Samaritan? 

The lessons learned in this book are also of value:
  "Some blame others for their own errors."
  "Sometimes being stubborn can cause unhappiness."
  "Some things must be shared in order to be enjoyed."

As Boris and Natasha the ostriches or Basil and Brunhilda the giraffes learn these life lessons, your children will, without feelings of condemnation, understand the value of good choices. This is an excellent read-aloud which provides a question for discussion at the end of each story.  
Mary Kline

Note:  Check on Amazon to find this book from resellers if you are interested in having a copy in your home library.   We did find it at our local library as well.  

CLIP Questions:
1. Do our actions affect other people?  How?
2. Which of the stories reminded you of a choice you have made? 
3. Think of an animal (or two), give them names, and make up a story with a particular moral (lesson). Tell the story to your family and see if they can guess what lesson your animals learned.



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