Fireflies: The Poem "Apology" by Judith Viorst         

Feb 6, 2012

The Poem "Apology" by Judith Viorst

[Verbal Communications]

It’s hard to say, “I’m sorry,”
Although I’m feeling sorry.
The “s” always sticks in my throat.

And, “I made a big mistake”
Would produce a bellyache
That might last till I was old enough to vote.

“Please forgive me” sounds real good.
And I’d say it if I could,
But, between the “forgive” and the “please”

I would have to go to bed
With a pounding in my head
And a very shaky feeling in my knees.

“I was wrong” seems oh so right.
But it gives me such a fright
That my “was” always turns into “ain’t”.

So I hope you’ll take this rhyme
As my way of saying “I’m
Really sorry.”  Now excuse me while I faint.
"Apology" might not be a classic poem worth memorizing (like January's "Stopping by Woods...") - but it is great poem to enjoy reading and rereading to/with your young child!  It's also a good choice for an older child to read with expression during "Family Showtime".  The pauses and inflection used when reading this poem are what make it work.  What's "Showtime"?    Keep following Fireflies...we'll explain.

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