Fireflies: A is for Apple Puppets         

Apr 29, 2012

A is for Apple Puppets

    Print out each puppet on card stock.  I didn't have card stock on hand, so I just used  regular laser print paper with a glossy sheen.  Card stock works much better and holds up well in the hands of 3 - 6 year old puppeteers.

          Fold in half.  (The idea is to have an image on the front and back for young  
          children so they don't have to think about the positioning of the puppet.)

           Cut off 2 inches from the bottom.

            Open up sheet and using a hot glue gun, position your dowel and glue between 
            the folded sheets.  I used 1/4 X 12 in dowels.

            Fold and press onto dowel.

             You are now ready for a Fireflies Presents family night!

A is for Apple puppets were created by Laura Bird Miller.

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