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Apr 16, 2012

April favorite apps: Two garden themed apps reviewed.

Grandma's Garden
"Join this charming dancing Grandma and all her silly veggies for fun adventures in the garden! Grandma’s Garden is a best-in-class educational children’s game loaded with fun activities and enriching content for kids!"  website

This is a simple app that is just right for preschoolers.   At the time of this review, the cost was 99 cents - iTunes store.   Check the website link above to view a list of the educational objectives covered in this app.

Grow Your Garden
From the The Learning Yard website: "A mobile game designed from the ground up to teach kids basic arithmetic in a fun and engaging way. Fill up buckets of different sizes with water and then use them to water your garden just the right amount. Solve levels by pouring water from one bucket to another, refilling, and emptying buckets, then water your garden. Unlock more plants for your garden by completing levels and challenges."

Grow Your Garden was more sophisticated than I anticipated it would be.  Its 12 levels go beyond one to one correspondance.   This app is a great tool for reinforcing logic and problem solving skills.   Players must move water from one bucket to another in order to end up with just the right amount of water for plants.  Depending on the ability level of your child, I would recommend this app for 6 years and above.   It is available from iTunes for $1.99.

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