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Mar 29, 2012

CLIP Review: View From the Air

Charles Lindbergh's Earth and Sky
Author: Reeve Lindbergh
Photographs by: Richard Brown

In this lovely book, Reeve Lindbergh poetically writes about one of the last flights her father made.  Just  two years before his death, Charles Lindbergh flew with a young nature photographer over the landscape of rural New England. The aerial photography shown in this book is nothing short of breathtaking. Reeve Lindbergh writes as if she is speaking from her father's perspective and feelings - sharing with the reader her father's lifetime love of earth and sky that is every pilot's view from the air.

          "This was the world I discovered.
           Each year, each season I'd fly,
           Watching the earth like a lover,
           This was my view from the sky."
Suggested age: 7 - 10 years
CLIP Questions:
1.  One line in the poem says, "Earth can still heal and recover, Given our time and our care." What do  you think this means? How might this healing take place?

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