Fireflies: Poem: Who Has Seen the Wind?         

Mar 14, 2012

Poem: Who Has Seen the Wind?

Today we are switching themes from facing fears to wind & kites.  
We hope you enjoy our book choices and CLIP activities.

[SOC Verbal Communications: Reciting a Poem]
by Christina Rossetti

     Who has seen the wind?
     Neither I nor you;
     But when the leaves hang trembling
     The wind is passing through.

     Who has seen the wind?
     Neither you nor I;
     But when the trees bow down their heads
     The wind is passing by.

This is a great poem to memorize with your child.  Every age group can successfully memorize Rossetti's poem.   Keep a copy close by in the kitchen, in the car etc. so you can read/recite it often to your child.   Have them fill in words when you pause until they can recite it with you.  Sometimes clapping the poem's meter (four beats per line) helps children capture the rhythm of the poem.  If you are taking a walk with your child, step in rhythm to the poem as you recite it.  Have fun and enjoy.  Share with us other ways to help children memorize poems and Bible verses - comment below.

Then let them "perform" their poem for family and friends.   If you have other families participating in Fireflies, set aside an evening for the children to perform and display all of their communication projects: print, verbal, and visual.

Send us an audio file (this is easy with a Smartphone) of your child (or your family) reciting Who Has Seen the Wind? for a chance at a lovely book of poetry, courtesy of SBACS.   Email your file to us!

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