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Mar 2, 2012

CLIP Review: The Island of the Skog

Author and Illustrator: Steven Kellogg

The Rough-riding Rowdies must preserve their pelts!

Actually, the little band of mice have once again, barely escaped the butcher's cat.  In desperation they sail to The Island of the Skog, claim the land "as a place where all mice can live without fear", and then begin to wonder just what a "Skog" might be. Imaginations run wild as to what this unknown creature is or how it should be treated. Fears of this unknown "monster" build until Jenny, Hannah and the band of rowdies scheme and plot and devise a plan to catch the Skog and get rid of him. Will it be too late by the time Jenny says, "If only we'd talked to each other"?  Steven Kellogg's illustrations, especially those of the mices' faces, are sweetly detailed.  You may find yourself coming up with your own little tune as you 'sing' the last page along with the rowdies.
                                                                                            Suggested ages: 5 - 8 years
Mary Kline
CLIP Questions:
1.  Is it a bad thing to be afraid?
2.  Who can help us with our fears? Does sharing help?
3.  Can you find a verse in the Bible about fear?
4.  Draw a picture about something that scares you.  Did it look like the Skog?

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