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Feb 17, 2012

CLIP Review: Just Like Abraham Lincoln

by Bernard Waber

"Mr. Potts lives next door. And he looks just like...Abraham Lincoln!  He even has a stovepipe hat and a frock coat!"  The young boy in our story learns about Lincoln's boyhood, love of books, family hardships, and years as a lawyer through his neighbor, Mr. Potts.  Young readers  also are introduced to the Gettysburg address in a unique and impressive way.  Readers of all ages will be chuckling as a new neighbor moves in next door when Mr. Potts leaves.   "I wonder what HE'S like!"
Mary Kline

CLIP Questions:
1. Abraham Lincoln once said, "The things I want to know are in books." Tell about
    something you have learned from reading a book.
2. In his Gettysburg Address, Lincoln said that all men are created equal.
    What do you think 
that means?
3. Do you remember what these words mean?
    If not, you can look them up.

         buckskin breeches
         frock coat

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