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Feb 13, 2012

Cultural Binge - ART: LOVE

Artist:  Robert Indiana

LOVE by Robert Indiana
For Cultural Binge [Art Appreciation] we are providing a variety of works of art to share with your child.  Depending on the age of your child you might simply look at the art work and experience it together by asking questions.  LOVE is very different from last month's poem depicting Pilgrims walking to church.   For the very young child, you might simply ask what colors were used and/or what letters are in the painting.  For older children, you might discuss the flow of the color, the color choice or why the "O" is tilted.   We have provided limited background information about the artist for you to use as you see fit. 

Background on the artist
Born Robert Clark in Indiana, Robert Indiana took his native state's name after moving to New York in 1954, a gesture that presaged his Pop-inspired fascination with Americana, signage, and the power of ordinary words. 

Robert Indiana’s experiment with LOVE started in 1958, when he began playing with poetry, placing the letters “LO” above “VE.” He translated the idea into paintings, and in 1965, the Museum of Modern Art commissioned him to do a version of LOVE for a Christmas card. His simple composition of vibrant red letters against a green and blue background became one of the museum’s most popular items. Following up on the card’s success, Indiana exhibited a suite of paintings, drawings, and small sculptures in what he called the “LOVE show” in New York in 1966.

This postal stamp made more than $25 million for the US Postal Service.

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