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Feb 10, 2012

CLIP Review: Roses are Red - Your Feet Really Stink

by Diane deGroat

The title alone will have your child begging to read this book!
Though written humorously, the reader is given a sympathetic look into what all children face at some time -  the inevitable hurt of being teased.  Gilbert's revenge on  Lewis and Margaret ( Lewis had tweaked his nose and Margaret made fun of his glasses), came in the form of anonymous guessed it. They weren't nice! Those much-needed, but two tough words, "I'm sorry", change things around during recess. Gilbert scrambles to rewrite poems for Lewis and Margaret before the class party. A simple, sweet story for anyone needing a second chance. (And who doesn't?)
Mary Kline

CLIP Questions
1. Have you ever played a trick on someone? How did it make them feel? How did it make
    you feel?
2. Do you think God gives us second chances? Why?
3. Name a character in the Bible that was given a second chance. Was he/she sorry for
    his/her mistakes?
4. Write a valentine poem to someone you love and decorate it.



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