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Feb 24, 2012

CLIP Review: Mr. President Goes to School

by Rick Walton

Ever had "one of those days" with your children? Shouting, snarling, sticks and stones?...
Why don't you curl up together (without touching one another, of course!) and read why "Mr. President was having a crummy day." 

What does he do when his problems pile up and he wishes the world were a little simpler? You'll be delighted at the illustrator's use of disguise for the president. As he sits crisscross applesauce in Mrs. Appletree's class, he's reminded of simpler days where "polite people raise their hands", and "friends can always work things out."  Is it really possible that the hokey pokey can help the prime ministers of Bulrovia and Snortburg come to an understanding?  Sometimes all it takes to solve big problems is a little bit of fun, a bit of creativity, and, of course, some milk and cookies!  

Mary Kline   

Something to think about...
Should we pray for people who upset us; who hurt our feelings? 
What does Jesus say about loving and forgiving others?

Watch a YouTube movie trailer for the book,
Mr. President Goes to School

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