Fireflies: CLIP Review: George Washington's Breakfast         

Feb 17, 2012

CLIP Review: George Washington's Breakfast

by Jean Fritz

George W. Allen was proud of two things. His name and his birthday. Sharing both the president's name and birthday made him feel almost related.  It also made him curious to learn everything about this great man. Most of his information came easily; Washington's ten hunting dogs and their names, the size of his shoes (13!), how he'd ruined his teeth by cracking walnuts in his mouth.  But all this information wasn't enough for George W. Allen. 

One question burned in his mind - what did George Washington eat for breakfast? His grandmother agrees to cook it for him if he is successful in his search.  George rallies his family in pursuit of an answer, which involves a trip to Mt. Vernon and a walk through the first President's kitchen.  Let's just say that in honor of Presidents' Day, you need to get your apron ready! Your family will truly enjoy George Washington's Breakfast!
*Recipe coming soon.  Keep reading Fireflies!
Mary Kline

CLIP Questions:
1. What is the name of our President?
2. What is the job of the President?
3. We learned that George was determined. Why is determination a good thing?

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