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Mar 8, 2012

Norman Rockwell's "Young Boy on a High Dive Board"

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Interesting fact
Both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg collect the artwork of Norman Rockwell.  This is Spielberg's favorite painting.  When asked why it was his favorite Rockwell painting, Spielberg said, "Well, let's put it this way: This is the Rockwell that, every time I'm ready to make a movie, every time I'm ready to commit to direct a movie, that's me - that's the feeling in my gut, before I say 'yes' to a picture. Because every movie is like looking off an extremely high diving board, every one."

George Lucas on Rockwell 
"Norman Rockwell was able to sum up the story in a way that made you not only want to read the entire story," said Lucas, "but actually understand who the people were, what their motives were, everything in one little frame."

Ahhh Norman Rockwell.  We love his work because of the message/story of America that jumps off of each canvas.  This is a great link that highlights the artwork of Norman Rockwell.  Choose any one of these prints to trigger conversations.  Encouraging the love of art in your child begins with asking questions and encouraging thoughtful responses.  Don't just tell your child what to see - teach them how to see.  We have begun the conversation with four questions.   Depending on the age of your child, use the following or come up with your own conversation starters.  Enjoy!

Visual Comm Discussion Questions:
1.  What is the artist trying to show us in this painting?
2.  What could the boy be looking at?
3.  Is there something that frightens you or makes you want to stop a plan you have?
4.  How does God teach us to respond to fear?
Julie Hagan

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