Fireflies: Visual Comm: Straw Blowing Art         

Mar 26, 2012

Visual Comm: Straw Blowing Art

[Visual Communications]

Materials needed
  • watercolor paper
  • diluted tempura paint or food colors
  • straw
  • ribbon for kite's tail

Place a few drops of food coloring (or diluted tempra paint) on the paper.  Distribute the colors by blowing (creating wind) through a straw.  I've linked to a short YouTube video (see below) that demonstrates straw blowing.  They used colored ink in this demonstration.

We will be exploring color blending in May, but consider just placing yellow, red and blue drops on the page so that your young artist can experience the delight of creating secondary colors (orange - green - purple).

After the painting dries, cut it into a kite shape and add a ribbon tail.

Display options:
  • Display this visual com project along with your child's March print comm project.  
  • Print (or have your child write) the following verse on their kite as a reminder of the power of the One who created him/her.
    Mark 4:41 "Who is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?"
Take a picture of your child's final project and send to us for a chance to receive a copy of our CLIP choice and beautiful book by Al Andrews', The Boy, The Kite, and the Wind.
Send as an image attachment to us via email.  [Courtesy of SBACS]