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Mar 19, 2012

PEN IN HAND: Kite - Creative Writing Prompts

[SOC Print Communications:  Creative Writing Prompts]
  1. If you could make your kite out of anything in the world, what would it be made of? Describe your kite.   "My kite would be in the shape of a...."
  2. If you could make your kite go anywhere, where would it go?
  3. Pretend you could fly your kite to a far away place...what message would you tie to the end of your kite?
  4. What kite would you make for your Mom, Dad, Sister and/or Brother?
  5. Have you ever flown a kite before? If so, describe the experience.
  6. Describe what a kite is and how to fly it, to someone who has never seen or flown a kite before.
  7. Use our Cultural Binge art appreciation print, Kite in Tree, as a short story prompt. Encourage your child to come up with a story based on the message(s) depicted in the artwork.  Depending on your goal(s) for this project, have your child dictate their story to you so they can focus on the story and not handwriting/spelling skills.  Be sure to credit the project accordingly.
       Author: Child     
       Editor:  Mom or Dad    Artist:   John Clymer
Kite in Tree
March 10, 1956
Artist: John Clymer