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Oct 26, 2012

CLIP Review: The Scarecrow's Hat

Author & Illustrator:  Ken Brown

A favorite pasttime of my boys growing up was trading baseball cards...especially if one of them offered another the special deal of "two for one".  When friends were over the trading became high stakes drama for sure. There's just something about trading and getting a good deal that fills us with satisfaction.
Chicken is eyeing Scarecrow's Hat with interest - she needs a nest. But Scarecrow won't part with it unless he gets a walking stick to prop up his tired arms. Chicken knows just where to find one... BUT, Badger won't give it up without receiving a pretty ribbon in return. And so it goes.  Our Chicken has her work cut out for her, making trade after trade. Will she be able to satisfy everyone in order to receive her prize?  Will she herself have to make a sacrifice? 

The repetition in this story makes it a perfect read aloud and the big, beautiful pictures will captivate your listeners. The expressions on the animals faces are not only delightful, they are content. That's because Chicken's trading and swapping left everyone feeling satisfied - just like good trading should. 

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