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Dec 3, 2012

Reflections: What's In A Name?

His little eyes were filled with longing and love. Mine were filled with dismay.  How could my five year old son desire such a delapidated looking gift for Christmas?  The stuffed horse was larger than all the other stuffed animals in the big bin, his light brown head sticking out above the others.  I tugged him out for a better look and realized that his legs, probably somewhat crushed from being piled in with all the other animals, were bent and therefore didn't allow him to stand up. The poor horse just crumpled down on the floor.  Jordan, however, was not to be deterred.  Kneeling, he wrapped his little arms around the horse's neck and clung to him.  "Sweetie, he's kind of broken," I said.  "Oh no, mommy, he's beautiful."  The delight in Jordan's eyes Christmas morning when his wish appeared under the tree was worth the teasing I had received from his three older brothers for buying the "crumpled horse".

What's In A Name?

"What are you going to name him, Jord?" the brothers asked.  Without hesitation, Jordan held his horse tightly against his little body and smiled.  "His name is Horse-y Friend-y".  Even the howling laughter didn't diminish the joy and love between boy and horse.  Now, many years later, the name "Horse-y Friend-y" is a favorite around our house. Actually, about every horse any of us sees we naturally call by that now rather beloved name.  Why? Because a young child loved a delapidated, crumpled horse...saw in it something beloved, cherished and befriended.  "Horse-y Friend-y" still resides in Jordan's bedroom closet, even though he is many miles away at college.   

Our seven year old granddaughter, Rachel, has a much-loved stuffed animal she's had since she was born. It's a small (and very faded) purple pony she calls "Po-Po". Recently, her parents found an exact replica online and ordered it, hoping she'd replace the old one. Ha! Not a chance! Rachel has too much love invested in "Po-Po", but she is okay with a new one as well. Its name? "Brand New"!  All of the teasing she's received has not changed her mind.  Why? Because "Po-Po" and "Brand New" are more than stuffed animals. They represent comfort, security and to her they are beloved friends.

What's in a name? This month we are featuring a Christmas book whose main character is a grumpy camel - perhaps with good reason.  Dissatisfied with his name, believing it should be much more beloved is only part of the problem, but...well, you'll just have to wait until the review is posted to find out just who has the most beloved name ever given...

PS  "C is for Christmas" will be posted at 7 am tomorrow morning, December 4th!  Don't miss this opportunity to create an incredible evening of memories with your children.

Mary Byrne Kline


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At December 3, 2012 at 4:31 PM , Blogger SOC Admin said...

Share with us the names your child has bestowed on a cherished "friend". (Or maybe you remember the names you gave to loved ones - and would care to share...) Comment below.

At December 3, 2012 at 9:05 PM , Anonymous Jan Mengel said...

My son Sean named his cherished "friend" "Alec". "Alec" was a homemade Cabbage Patch type doll that looked a lot like Sean and went with him EVERYWHERE! The last picture I have of them together is in bed asleep at Family Week at Jumonville when Sean was 11 years old! He probably wouldn't be too happy w/me for telling that!


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