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Nov 26, 2012

Capture Your Family's Magnetic Personalities....

Tis the season for family get-togethers, and I just happen to be crazy in love with my extended family.  We don't live close geography-wise, but the love we share is deep.   I now have four grandchildren and am constantly thinking of ways to create memories for them - ways for them to know my family.  Mom passed away two years ago at 96 years of age before two of my grandchildren had a chance to experience her hugs and arm scratches.  I want them to know Great-Grandma Moegerle as well as my three brothers and their families, and each of my husband's siblings.   The question is, HOW to pull this off?   

Here is the Christmas gift I'm creating for my grandchildren, in hopes that the creative play that comes as a result will help them to feel closer to the family members who live from California to Washington, DC.  These are the same family members who are lifting their name in prayer and loving them from afar.   So here is my idea...

I've always loved the idea of creating free play using magnetic objects.  One of the first items I installed in my own children's room was a magnetic board. So I decided to combine my love of magnetic free play with paper dolls.  I knew that creating magnetic pirates and/or knights would be a hit with my boys, but I'm thinking of something more personal.
Family magnetic personalities!   

This project fits so well into our theme this month - relatives and family gatherings over Christmas.  (Don't miss Mary's CLIP book review this Friday!)  

There was only one problem - of the hundreds and hundreds of images I have saved on my computer, very few of them worked for this project.  It's surprising how few pictures I had of family members standing (with hands and feet showing).   Actually, I have NO pictures that work. I'll be asking for each family to take a special picture of each family member for this Christmas project.  We'll call it the "Corbett-Moegerle Magnetic Paper Relatives Collection".  (Good thing I have a little time to work on that title.)  Each of my family members will be getting a link to this post with a request for the perfect picture for this project.  Please feel free to forward this idea to your relatives!

1.  Take pictures of relatives standing in a traditional paper doll pose.  You may want to remove the background from the image.  (You can do it right in Word.)  Or simply take the picture against a blank wall.  Removing the background saves printer ink but is not necessary.   

An image with background.
An image with background removed.      

2.  Lay out the images in a Word document.  You should be able to get about 6 - 8 figures to one sheet of magnetic paper.   I placed the paper in landscape orientation.

3.  Print images off on magnetic backed paper.   I was surprised how easy this is to do.  The paper is pricey, so I would suggest running off your images on a test sheet first and fit as many as possible on each sheet.  Note to self - Do a better job of sizing your objects to avoid the "giant baby" magnetic doll....

3.  Cut out images and enjoy.   I might print out skate boards and other objects for the puppets to interact with next.  Don't throw away your magnetic scraps!  Use them to draw trees and chairs and beds with permanent marker.   Once you start thinking of items to create - the ideas will start flowing.  Look around your home and replicate items for your children to play with on their magnetic boards.

4.  I purchased pizza pans at the local Dollar Store to use as the "stage" for our magnetic play - easy to take in the car and to the restaurant.  Next, I have to figure out a creative way to package each collection to give away as gifts.   

Please send us pictures of your "Magnetic Family Personalities".  We're always inspired by the efforts of truly creative people.

Note: If you want to create different outfits for your children to play with, have them stand in the same position while wearing different outfits.   Put a piece of tape on the floor so there is always the same distance between the camera and child.  Then cut out just the outfits to place over the magnetic people.

Deni Corbett
Dear Grandma, Grandpa, Gary, Jane, CJ, KC, Gil, Mim, Lani, Todd-Boy, Non, Jan, Eric, Amy, Dan, Janon, Megs, Chris, Jon, Jordon, Rachel, Noah, Lisa, Tiff, Jen-Lynn, Aly, AJ, Papa, Mimi, G. Bob, G Jeri, A. Theresa, Untow Mite, Mooge and Macy... (all of your family members - and anyone else we're related to...),   

Please send me a picture of you by yourself standing in front of a wall (the less busy the better).   I need to see from your feet to the top of your head.  Do whatever you want with your arms/hands.   Thank you for becoming a part of my "Corbett-Moegerle Magnetic Paper Relatives Collection" Christmas gift for my little ones.  I'll try to represent you well and not make anyone a giant baby!

PS I love each of you more than you could ever know - and I want to share my love of you with Davis, Hill, Ryder and Caroline through the stories I'll tell as we play together with our magnetic people...


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At November 26, 2012 at 11:21 AM , Blogger Skvaril's said...

So sweet and what a great idea for the boys this year. Thank you, Aunt Deni for sharing this!


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