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Nov 14, 2012

Focus on: Fireflies Presents...

Since posting our first Fireflies Presents script, several of our Fireflies Blog followers have asked, "What exactly is Fireflies Presents?"

Basically, the idea and motivation for the Fireflies Blog came from an outpouring of our past memories and our present passions. Even the title comes from nights when we would chase fireflies around our front yards while parents and neighbors sat in chairs sharing glasses of ice tea, swapping stories on summer nights.   We literally "sigh" when thinking about those nights.

Each month on, Mary Kline reviews 3 - 5 of our favorite children's books based on a particular theme. Activities are then created for by our Fireflies team based on the theme and chosen books.   Those activities include Masterpiece Appreciation and Response (Laura Bird Miller), Cooking & Creating (Rachel Skavil), Nurturing the Child's Heart (Lanise Santala), along with additional posts on developing Communication Skills and Favorite Learning Apps reviews.

We believe that every child must be encouraged to develop their communication skills and that is why we have launched Fireflies Presents...   Again, it goes back to the days of our childhood when we weren't allowed to park ourselves in front of a TV, computer, or video game; we had to make our own entertainment - and that we did! This past summer my brothers and I revisited our childhood home and reminisced about the days of creating radio shows from the basement and "broadcasting" them through our stereo in the living room.   There was also a piano and an organ in that same living room and many nights the four of us, along with Mom, became the Pennsylvania Von Trapps; getting out our instruments and dusting off the sheet music (always hymns...)

That is our dream for Fireflies Presents.   We want to give you enough ideas, support and material, that you will want to create an evening centered around family in your living room. We have created our own (ADORABLE) doorway puppet theatre for Fireflies Presents, but a box, or table & tablecloth work just as well.    Pass out tickets (provided) and the popcorn cones (provided).  Grab a program (provided) and a sing-a-long sheet (provided) and get ready to enjoy the poems, rhymes and stories (all provided) chosen for each month.    Afterwards enjoy the food prepared using the theme-based recipes (provided) and ask for autographs on the special autograph page of the program (provided).    Be sure to take lots and lots of pictures because I promise you, many years from now, you will look back on these evenings as family legacy highlights!   I promise.   Oh, and did I mention that the way we created the script, there is very little to no rehearsal time needed? - of course that depends on the "control temperament" of each parent and/or grandparent.   We're after relaxed family fun, not Oscar nominations.

Each month we will provide you with a free script based on our theme for that month.   All we ask is that you share with us your photos so that other families will be encouraged to create a Fireflies Presents evening in their home.

Tomorrow we will be presenting our "T is for Thanksgiving" script.  What a perfect opportunity to begin a new tradition.   On Thanksgiving Day, why not gather in the living room and applaud wildly as "Mr. Turkey" takes center stage?

May God fill your home with love, laughter and sweet family moments together as you serve Him,

Deni Corbett

PS If you are looking for a Christmas gift for children 3 - 7, check out our Fireflies Presents doorway puppet theatre.   It is custom made for our scripts and can also become anything from a grocery store to a library, with our custom valances hand painted by Laura Bird Miller.   Check the WEBSITE for more information and to order one in time for Christmas.



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