Fireflies: Fireflies Presents... "A is for Apple"         

Oct 29, 2012

Fireflies Presents... "A is for Apple"

A is for Apple 

Welcome to Fireflies Presents…

·            I believe in play. 
·            I believe we, as parents, must be proactive when it comes to
           creating situations that inspire creatively and imagination. 
·            I believe in scheduling time to laugh & create memories together as a family.

It is my hope that the ideas we share will be the spark that motivates you to intentionally celebrate your family; your children.  These memories are designed to be created in your family room, around a puppet theater, with the smell of fresh popcorn wafting from the kitchen.

We have written the Fireflies Presents content for one or more children between the ages of 3 – 6. There is a lot of parent involvement and very little preparation or practice needed on the part of the child(ren).   We kept it simple…promise!

What is a Fireflies Presents Family Night?

Fireflies Presents celebrates the imagination and creativity of what it means to be a child and it begins with a theme and a ticket.

This month the theme is apples:  A is for Apple [the story of Johnny Appleseed].
1.     Select an evening for family and friends to gather and pass out tickets as a reminder.  

On the evening of Fireflies Presents…

2.     Children collect the tickets at the front door.  
Watch your child’s face light up as they realize they are a part of something very special; something that requires a real ticket!

3.     Every person attending is then given a program & popcorn cone that has been decorated based on the theme.   You may want to keep a large bowl filled with popcorn so that guests can refill as needed.

4.     Guests take their seats in chairs that are lined up in front of a doorway that holds the Fireflies Presents puppet theater.

5.     SHOWTIME!   Fireflies Presents "A is for Apple"

6.     Applause and Autographs!  Even if your child can only make a mark for their signature, ask for their signature.  Imagine how special that “mark” will be in 20 years.   That means you have to keep each Fireflies Presents program!

7.     Reception: Serve refreshments that corresponds with the theme of the evening.  Don't worry, we've even supplied the recipes.

All the information you need to pull off a Fireflies Presents evening will be included on our website.

This script is no longer available.  All scripts are posted for two weeks only.

Please feel free to create your own unique family event by using these ideas as merely suggestions.   

Thank you for joining us on this journey to create precious family memories and develop communication skills while experiencing the best in children’s literature.
Deepest Blessings,   
Deni Corbett



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