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Nov 12, 2012

Print Comm: Thanks for Thanksgiving

Author:  Julie Markes
Illustrator:  Doris Barrette
Age:  2 - 5 year olds
[Print Communications]

Writing down the many reasons we have to be thankful is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and introduce young children the importance of communicating gratitude.

I found this book last year and wove it into our family Thanksgiving traditions.  Now that we had grandchildren, I wanted some way to catalog our blessings each year.   Before dinner we read Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes.  It is wonderfully illustrated and a quick read, simply listing things to be thankful for, from the turkey on the table to warm, cozy cuddles.  The best blessing of all?  Being together as a family.

The last two pages are designed as a place for each family member to write down blessings for which they are thankful.  From our youngest grandchild who said he was thankful for "moon" to Great Grandpa Corbett who wrote, "I am grateful for the peace God has given me during our recent health concerns." each of us journaled our thanks to God for His provision and blessings in 2011.   

I just unpacked this special book for Thanksgiving Dinner 2012 and already know what I'm going to write this year.  "Thank you heavenly Father for the two precious additions to our family this year, Ryder Joel and Caroline Elizabeth!  Thank you for undeserved favor."  

Why not consider adding Thanks for Thanksgiving to your home library and begin a new Thanksgiving tradition of written gratitude?

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