Fireflies: CLIP Review: Bear Has a Story to Tell         

Nov 8, 2012

CLIP Review: Bear Has a Story to Tell

Author:  Philip C. Stead
Illustrator:  Erin E. Stead

Winter is coming and all of the animals must  get prepared. Bear is in somewhat of dilemma as he's becoming quite sleepy and yet he wants to tell his friends a story.  

But before any of them can take the time to listen, they all have needs. Mouse is concerned about gathering seeds, frog must find a warm place to sleep and the duck is checking the wind direction in order to fly south.  Bear begins to hunt for seeds and a warm home for frog.  

Finally, as snowflakes begin to fall, Bear curls up into his den with his story untold. Months pass and in the spring the friends all gather once again. But will Bear be able to remember his story after his lo-o-n-n-g  winter sleep?  Perhaps now it is time for Bear's friends to help him.

An endearing story of friendship with lovely watercolor illustrations.

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