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Jan 21, 2013

Best App: Little Fox Music Box

If you have been following Fireflies for awhile, you know that one of my favorite apps for young children is Nighty, Night.  By the way - I'm still crazy about it and have even paid to add extra animals.  Love everything about that app - the visuals, the narration, the tone - the interaction, (What child doesn't love turning off or on a light?)- everything!

I was delighted when I downloaded Little Fox Music Box to review and discovered it was created by Goodbean, the same group that created my beloved Nighty, Night!   
The app is illustrated in great detail and the various screens are simply beautiful.  After choosing a song from the opening screen, the child can sing along with the song while interacting with several characters in the scene.    Between the three songs and the composing room included in Little Fox Music Box, there are over 100 interactive elements incorporated into this app.
While singing along with Old MacDonald, children can make dancing chickens do acrobatics; wake up farmer MacDonald, give a bathing pig a shower, grow tulips and help a cow pick flowers for a friend.  You can change the seasons by touching the icon in the upper left corner which also changes the reactions of the animals.  For instance, the cow begins to ice skate instead of picking daisies.
My only complaint is that there are only three songs (hopefully they will be adding more), however, it is still worth the money with all of its interactive choices.   The three songs included are: London Bridge, Evening Song, and Old MacDonald.   Along with songs is a karaoke version for each scene as well as a music studio. Tap the tree on the main screen to visit Fox Studio where children are encouraged to make music with Fox and his friends.  Every object in the studio makes a different noise and is sure to delight young children.
I played Little Fox Music Box on my iPhone - but am looking forward to seeing it on the larger iPad screen and enjoying even more of this beautifully illustrated musical app.
Deni Corbett



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