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Jun 6, 2013

CLIP Review: The Sidewalk Rescue

Author:  Hazel Hutchins
Illustrator:  Ruth Ohi

Remember the awe you felt when Burt, Mary Poppins and the Banks children jumped through the sidewalk chalk drawings and into the delightful land of make-believe?

Well, believe it or not the very same thing 

has just happened to Josie!!

Just as she drew a beautiful picture on the sidewalk, she jumped inside to pick the flowers and that's how it happened. Her sister Morgan ran inside to tell her parents and soon it seemed as though everyone had become involved.  In order to stop the gigantic lion chasing Josie, mother grabbed the chalk and drew a boat for Josie to escape down the river. "Help!" cried Josie, as she headed for a waterfall! Now father quickly snatched the chalk and swiftly drew a large hawk, whose enormous talons carefully lifted Josie safely from the rushing water.  Can the lady next door walking her dog save Josie when the hawk drops her? And what about the mail carrier and, oh goodness, can the electrical worker draw something to save her from a shark?

I strongly suggest having some sidewalk chalk on hand after reading this exciting story, full of imaginative thrills. You'll have fun coming up with your own sequence of adventures once your child begins drawing outside. Take pictures and make your own story of your child's Sidewalk Rescue!
Mary Byrne Kline

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