Fireflies: Music: Growing in Your Favor by Jenna Paulette         

Apr 30, 2012

Music: Growing in Your Favor by Jenna Paulette

Jesus you make the ground
A good place to plant the seed
The sun shines a lot like grace
Calling me out into the light

Even when I fall or get a little tired
Your spirits there to give me life
Like the water that never runs dry
I’m growing in your favor

Jesus you tend to me
 To make sure I’m growing
Take what’s not helping me
And bring it into to the light

One day I’ll be a big ole tree
And the people will look to me
But they’ll see what you’ve done
All you’ve done

People will come to sit in my shade
Or to eat the fruit you’ve made
I’ll say Oh I’ll say
This God’s favor



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