Fireflies: CLIP Review: City by Numbers & Alphabet City         

Aug 31, 2012

CLIP Review: City by Numbers & Alphabet City

Author & Photographer:  Stephen T. Johnson

It won't be but just a second or two after opening either of these books that your child will be exclaiming with delight, "Oh, I see it! It's right there!"  And the challenge and excitement of searching for letters and numbers has begun.  In these wordless, yet visual masterpieces, Johnson has invited readers to search through city streets and urban landscapes to locate his subtly masked treasures.  Hidden in the dusty windowpanes of an old warehouse you'll suddenly see a number 12 appear.  In the alphabet book, what letter will you find in the criss-crossing of the fire escape?  

Johnson says of his books, "I hope that my paintings will inspire children and adults to look at their surroundings in a fresh and playful way."  After experiencing these books, I assure you that you'll see the world around you with new eyes, as you take a closer look at shadows, patterns in nature, even those crazy little cracks in the sidewalk or twigs from a tree. Letters and numbers are everywhere - just use a little imagination!

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