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Sep 26, 2012

Thank you, Miss Librarian!

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On Friday, Mary is reviewing a wonderful book entitled, The Boy who was Raised by Librarians by Carla Morris.  Since our theme this month is, "I Love Books", we thought this would be a wonderful time to say a big THANK YOU to your child's school and/or local librarian.  Everyone enjoys being appreciated, so why not say thank you to a librarian while teaching children the art of showing appreciation?

First, teach your children the motivation behind a "thank you".  Help them understand why writing a thank-you note is important and also make sure they know what you thank the person(s) for:  an action or a specific gift.   In this case, we are simply saying thank you for choosing great books for our library and/or story time etc.   As parents we need to seek out opportunities to say "thank you" and model an attitude of thanksgiving for our children.

Next, select a unique way to say thanks. Make sure the note is in their own words, no matter how limited. A thank-you card should include specifically why this person is appreciated.

Below is a link to creating a stapleless book from  Perhaps a thank-you book would be the perfect way to show appreciation to your school and/or local librarian.

Don't miss our book review on Friday!



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