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Sep 21, 2012

CLIP Review: Wild About Books

Author: Judy Sierra
Illustrator: Marc Brown
Ages: 4-8

                    It all started the summer of 2002,
                    When the Springfield librarian, Molly McGrew,
                    By mistake drove her bookmobile into the zoo.

In this rollicking rhyme, the birds and beasts of the zoo  are introduced to this strange new something called reading.  Molly McGrew does her best to match each animal with its personal request: giraffes reading basketball books, pandas demanding books in Chinese, otters wanting waterproof books, hyenas howling over joke books. The excitement grows to such a degree that the porcupines begin writing books with their very own quills, Tasmanian devils give up fighting for writing, and the hippo's memoir is given the Zoolitzer Prize!  Marc Brown's detailed, fanciful illustrations will keep you busy looking and laughing at the wonderful animal antics.

This book makes for the perfect read-aloud that both child and parent will enjoy!

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