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Sep 19, 2012

Masterpiece Response - Lion and the Mouse

In our last post we talked about "The Peaceable Kingdom" painting by Edward Hicks.  What a joy to live in peace with our brothers and sisters!  As an art teacher at Circle Christian School for Monday's and Tuesday's PreK-4th grade Explorations classes, I was excited to share the art Masterpiece, Peaceable Kingdom by Hicks and Jerry Pinkney's picture book, The Lion and the Mouse with the students. 
The Lion and the Mouse
by Jerry Pinkney
To connect the topic of being peacemakers and servant leaders, we drew and painted a lion and a mouse and talked about how Mr. Lion showed kindness to others.  The students had to share their watercolors and look for ways to show kindness to others in the classroom and at home.  They loved playing "Follow the Leader" as I drew on the board step by step and they followed along.  

Many of the Kinders were even able to follow along and had so much fun painting with the watercolors.  You can see for yourself how lovely their paintings turned out!

The students "love tanks" were filled up and it really seems to show in their artwork as well.  I am so proud of them!  They gave it their best effort, shared their supplies, and found ways to be kind to their classmates.  Equipped with peacemaking strategies, they went home with smiles and some very beautiful artwork as well!  May we continue a "Peaceable Kingdom"in our homes as we seek first to understand and then to be understood and put an extra dose of love in everything we do.

By Laura Bird Miller, fine artist and art instructor, Circle Christian School



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