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Mar 8, 2013

CLIP Review: Christina Katerina and the Box

Author:  Patricia Lee Gauch
Illustrator:  Doris Burn
The first time I saw the cover of this book my face broke out in a great big grin. Many of you are looking at Christina and doing the same thing, aren't you?  What is it about crawling in a huge old empty box that fills a child with such wonder and imagination?

Christina is your typical "box-loving" kid.  Although she can turn hatboxes, bakery boxes and shoe boxes into  all kinds of delightful things to pass the time - nothing quite hits the jackpot like a refrigerator box!  Her original plan for a castle goes along peacefully for her and her bears for several days...until, well, perhaps you should find that out for yourself. Let's just say that friends often have a way of changing our plans. And castles make pretty good clubhouses...and racecars...

We are going to be sharing many more ideas centered around cardboard and boxes during the month of March. Keep checking in with Fireflies - you don't want to miss a single one of our posts!

Mary Byrne Kline

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