Fireflies: CLIP Review: Snowy Valentine         

Feb 14, 2013

CLIP Review: Snowy Valentine

Author & Illustrator:  David Petersen
One snowy Valentine's Day
A heartfelt quest
The greatest gift of all...
Jasper Bunny is on a quest - he must find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for his love, Lilly. 

So he does what many of us would do; he decides to ask his friends for help. Even though his porcupine friends are quite handy at knitting scarves for Mother, he just becomes more tangled by the minute. And Miriam the frog may be excited over her box of chocolate-covered flies, but Jasper knows Lilly wouldn't think them much of a Valentine treat. Jasper continues through the snow and comes to Fox's house. Oh dear! He really ends up in hot water here!

Discouraged, poor Jasper trudges toward home - cold, wet, and ready to give up. His friend the Cardinal, from high up in a tree, calls down words of encouragement. 

Could Jasper's journey really have been a true gift of love?  

Mary Byrne Kline
"This necklace of winter berries will make a
wonderful Valentine's gift...."

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