Fireflies: Let's Draw a Dog! ~ Masterpiece Response         

Feb 20, 2013

Let's Draw a Dog! ~ Masterpiece Response

Most children love animals and man's best friend is the perfect animal for little ones to practice creating for our February Fireflies theme: Hearts & Love!   

Here is another little dog also by Manet 

"Head of Dog - Bob."
"Head of Dog - Bob"
Artist:  Manet

Manet was a painter during the Impressionistic period in France.  His friend was Monet.  A lot of people get Monet and Manet confused.  Claude Monet was known the father of Impressionism that began with his painting "Impression, Sunrise."  

Manet painted during that time period and was inspired by the Impressionists, but his style wasn't complete Impressionistic.

Let's draw a simple dog - step by step!  
You will need a box of oil pastels, a piece of white paper and a willing heart!
Let's look at our little artists hard at work...

1.  First draw an eyes and nose with a purple/violet oil pastel...
2.  Then color it in with the same purple.  Next outline the eyes in black, making them a little pointy on the sides instead of all round.  Put a black pupil in the middle.  

3.  Next, make an orange-brown(otherwise known as burnt sienna) line to the left of the pupil if you like to give your dog brown eyes.
4.  Make a little blue "smudge" line to the right of the pupil. This little bit of blue will make the dog's eyes look like they are shining!
5.  Now we are going to put a little of that blue on the top part of that nose circle as well so his nose looks nice and wet and shiny too!  
6.  Next, add a white spot to the eye for highlight.  Then we'll a little white on the nose to lighten up the purple and define the nostrils by making a "C on the right side of the nose and a backwards "C" on the left side!  
Your eyes and nose are done! 
7.  Next, add a mouth.  It can be a straight line or an upside down "V" with a large "U" under it to make an open mouth! 
8.  Finally, add grey fur around the eyes and mouth.  Now we will keep adding fur with fun little line strokes in all kinds of warm colors (like gold, brown, orange-brown) till your dog's face is all fluffy!  Remember to add the fur strokes in the direction the fur grows!  

A bright background color of your choice will fill your page and set off your doggie.

Look at our little artists final products.  These students range in age from 4 to 6:

Even the littlest ones can enjoy this project and feel successful in their drawings!  

Here are some samples...

Have fun!
  Love and blessings,

Laura Bird Miller

Artist/Art Instructor

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