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May 4, 2012

CLIP Reviw: A Butterfly is Patient

Author: Dianna Hutts Aston   
Illustrator:  Sylvia Long
For all children who have ever been told "Be patient!", this book may provide them with an understanding of why that is such an important lesson to learn. From the exquisitely drawn first illustration of the tiny egg beneath an umbrella of leaves, the child sees the slow progression of growth as the caterpillar changes forms. This metamorphosis takes place with intricate drawings showing each stage. Subsequent pages give other characteristics of butterflies: some are helpful by pollinating plants, some are poisonous, many are spectacularly beautiful, some have scales... Do you know the difference between a butterfly and a moth? One spins a cocoon and one wraps itself in a chrysalis - do you know which one does which? 

Oh, and if someone you know says they are thinking about getting a "Great Purple Hairstreak", don't panic, it's actually a very lovely butterfly!  

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