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Sep 29, 2012

A Personal Library Kit

What a great compliment to our month of celebrating books, libraries, and librarians!

I just discovered this library kit and couldn't resist sharing it with you.   If you have children who enjoy playing school or a child who loves pretending to be a librarian, then this personal library kit is a must. Actually it doesn't matter the age of the "child"...  I'm getting Mary Kline (our CLIP Reviews & Reflections writer) one for Christmas and I promise you, she will LOVE it!

Grandparents & Parents... if you have a children's home library set up in your home, design a check out system and watch your children delight in "checking out" their books with you.

You may also want to consider purchasing this kit for yourself, if you are a generous reader who is tired of losing books to forgetful though well-meaning friends.



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