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May 11, 2012

CLIP Review: Fancy Nancy "Bonjour Butterfly"

Author:  Jane O'Connor
Illustrator:  Robin Preiss Glasser
Ages:  4-7

Nancy's best friend, Bree, is planning the BEST birthday party EVER! Nancy will be attending dressed as the most elegant azure butterfly. Or will she? When her mom informs her she won't be going due to a family anniversary celebration the same evening, Nancy's disappointment is, well... typical. How well (and with regret) I remember moping, scowling, sulking around the house when I was upset over a parental decision.  But just like Nancy's parents, my own patiently encouraged me to "try to enjoy myself" and sure enough - a delightful surprise was indeed awaiting! Soon Nancy is greeted by her grandparents and as she later dances the Cha-Cha with her Grandpa at his 50th anniversary, a lesson in overcoming disappointment is gained through seeing that perhaps family can also provide some rather fancy and fun-loving entertainment.

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