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May 7, 2012

CLIP Reviews: Color Blending Books

You won't want to miss our second Fireflies' post later today.  Laura Bird Miller presents a visual communications experience for young children; introducing them to secondary colors.  This activity is based on concepts presented in the following CLIP book choices. 

White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker

This is one of several concept books covering the topics; letters, colors, shapes and numbers written by Alan Baker.  In White Rabbit's Color Book, White Rabbit, shows how to create secondary colors by immersing herself into bowls of the primary colors: red, blue & yellow.  A sweet book written with humor, this book is sure to be a favorite.
                                                         2 - 4 years

Color Dance by Ann Jonas

I love Color Dance by Ann Jonas.  Why?
Because in its simplicity, it is full of movement and color.

As a concept book, it illustrates how various shades of secondary colors can be created by mixing the primary colors.  Emphasizing the color concepts, each color word is printed in the color it describes throughout the book while young dancers wave scarves in front of each other to produce new color blends.  
                                                           4 - 8 years
Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Mouse Paint is the story about three white mice who happen to find one red, one blue, and one yellow jar of paint.   Ellen Stoll Walsh's illustrations are cut-paper collage.  They are simple and delightful and just write for the message of Mouse Paint.
                                                       up to 3 years

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