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Dec 17, 2012

December Moments...

The gift of joy filled memories.

The most important gift to give your kids this Christmas can’t be bought in a store or found online. The gift isn’t dependent on your income or getting the deal of the day.  More than anything under the tree or what is in their stockings they will remember how they felt during this season.  

Children will remember the smile on your face, the words from your mouth, the sense of belonging to a great love and the feelings of well being that hang in the air. They will remember the sounds of laughter, the feeling of a big hug and the sight of their family together.  Their senses will register a contentedness of spirit that this world can not fulfill.  It is the eternal nature of love.  

Joy filled memories are the most treasured gifts we can give our children this season.  

“Joy is the serious business of Heaven”  C.S. Lewis

Lanise Santala



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